Beauty Called Into Question


What is beauty??

My newest collection was birthed out of a season of my life in which I wrestled with the question - what is beauty?

Beauty is a powerful force in our world, one that drives almost every industry. It can determine what we buy, what car we drive, the house we purchase, the person we marry. It can speak loudly to how we feel, our self esteem, our self worth. Psychologists say it determines who we befriend and who gets ahead in life. It was the catalyst for The Fall, when Lucifer - the most beautiful of all angels - became consumed with pride and staged a coup that ended with his heavenly expulsion. The rest is history, and here we are, thousands of years later, still wrestling down vanity.

This collection is a study on beauty. It is beauty stripped down to the bare basics. No hair extensions or whitened teeth. No eyelash extenders or goop on the face. No lasers or microdermabrasions or hair dye or fancy jewelry or name brand clothes or Invisalign. Just the black and white basics of humanity in its weird, organic, uniquely wonderful form. Because maybe that’s what’s really beautiful, and it needs to be celebrated.

Collection goes live on Monday December 18 at 9am.

carrie davis